my bars are a little oily - is this normal?

don't fret, this is completely normal and is mainly due to shipping temperatures above 75 degrees or where you store your bars. we refuse to use any nasty additives, so the natural oils of may cause the bars to sweat - but the bar is still 100% edible and yummy. 

should I store my bars in the fridge?

nope! right on your counter will do! we recommend keeping them in a cool area out of sunlight for optimal storage and preservation. 

can I return my bars?

sorry, Karma Bites does not accept returns on food products. If you are unhappy with your bites, please let us help by contacting us at contact@karmabites.com

I have a question or I just want to say hello! 

hi! feel free to get in touch with us at contact@karmabites.com or on our pop-up live chat below. 

can I eat Karma Bites if I'm pregnant? 

If you are pregnant, nursing or have a health concern, always consult your physician before consuming. 

are Karma Bites vegan?

not all Karma Bites are vegan, (the dream bite is!), but rather plant-based. we are working towards bringing you more vegan Karma Bites for your health and the Earth. always make sure to check out our ingredients - we're completely transparent!

is Karma Bites gluten-free? 

we sure are! dairy-free too!

why the name "Karma Bites"?

let's be honest, bad karma...bites. we're changing the connotation that karma is just revenge or bad vibes given to a bad person. to us, karma is about treating yourself good and right to do good and right by others. read more about us here.

I want to know more about the ingredients in your bars. 

we're happy you want to know more about what you're biting into. feel free to look at our ingredient spotlight to see all the goodies that go into our bites. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

where can I get your bars in person? 

you can see our full list of our lovely online + in-store stockists here.