We believe that if you put good get good out. We only put the good, clean ingredients in our bars so you can deliver good, clean energy out into the world. We're made with love & good karma. 


+ Helps produce serotonin, a neurotransmitter that enables satisfaction, optimism, and happiness. 
+ Lowers blood pressure through its high flavonoid content. 
+ High in magnesium to assist in muscle tension, digestion, and brain function.


+ Naturally produces melatonin to reduce the effects of insomnia and balances sleep-wake cycle. 
+ Potassium and magnesium content relaxes the muscles and helps to decrease inflammation. 
+ Helps to produce the amino acid 5-HTP in the brain to encourage serotonin production.


+ High in Vitamins B1, B2, B3, and B5 to support and maintain energy levels + nervous system. 
+ High in fiber to promote regular digestion. 
+ Assists in balancing hormones due to high estrogen and manganese mineral content.


+ High in fiber and protein to help sustain feeling of satiety. 
+ High in Vitamin E to help lower the risk of cancer & maintain healthy skin. 
+ Reduces the risk of diabetes by stabilizing blood sugar levels. 


+ High in fats & low in carbs to help control blood sugar levels. 
+ Protects against oxidative stress than can damage molecules leading to inflammation, aging, etc. 
+ Elevated magnesium levels assist with blood pressure levels stabilizing.